October 29, 2014

Bursor & Fisher Appointed Interim Class Counsel In Zicam Litigation

On October 29, 2014, Chief Judge Morrison C. England of the Eastern District of California appointed Bursor & Fisher interim class counsel in a consumer class action against Zicam, LLC. The lawsuit alleges that Zicam falsely represents its homeopathic cold medicines prevent, shorten, and reduce the severity and symptoms of the common cold.

In selecting the firm as interim class counsel, Judge England wrote that “Bursor & Fisher is eminently qualified to represent a class in this type of litigation,” and is a “well-established, reputable firm” with extensive experience litigating “high-stakes class actions.”

“We are pleased that Judge England recognized our firm’s qualifications and hard work and chose us to represent this class,” said L. Timothy Fisher, one of the firm’s partners handling the matter. “We intend to litigate this case aggressively to seek justice for Zicam purchasers.”