Bursor & Fisher leads the way in protecting your privacy.  Our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that individuals can work, socialize, and shop without having to worry about their data being compromised or secretly siphoned.

Companies use increasingly sophisticated methods to track what you buy, what you watch, and what you read.  Your privacy rights, as embodied through numerous state and federal laws, generally require that companies solicit and receive consent before exploiting your private life for their financial benefit.  Unfortunately, many companies fail to abide by that basic obligation, and holding bad actors to account can be difficult.  Our team of experienced attorneys has a deep understanding of data privacy laws, and the technology that is often used to violate them.

Bursor & Fisher has the resources and personnel to successfully prosecute data privacy claims, no matter the complexity.  And we have a long track record of success.  In 2022, we negotiated and obtained court approval for a $100 million settlement against Google for alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act.  In 2018, after winning summary judgment against the publishing giant Hearst Communications, proving that Hearst disclosed the personally identifiable information of its subscribers to third-party marketing companies, we obtained a $50 million settlement for the subscribers.