April 17, 2020

Bursor & Fisher Awarded $89MM In Fees For Winning Robocall Trial

On April 17, 2020, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers granted Bursor & Fisher’s application for a 33.33% fee award on the $267 million trial verdict in Perez v. Rash Curtis, awarding attorney’s fees just over $89 million. A copy of Judge Gonzalez-Rogers’ order can be found here.

“The court recognized the result we achieved was ‘extraordinarily good,’ more than triple the largest TCPA settlement to date, and more than 2,000 times better on a per class member basis,” Mr. Bursor said, referring to a $75.5 million settlement in another TCPA case against Capital One.

As reported by Law360 (article can be found here), the defendant sought to slash the $267 million judgment down to $530,000, arguing consumers should get only $1 per violation instead of the $500 per violation awarded at the 2019 trial. The defendant also argued the jury’s verdict should be set aside because class counsel purportedly committed misconduct. The court rejected those arguments.

“When you win big like we did, the other side always makes extreme arguments and attacks,” Mr. Bursor said. “We are grateful that Judge Gonzalez-Rogers and her staff put in the hard work to issue a 40-page order carefully analyzing and rejecting every one of those attacks.”