February 1, 2018

$8.225 Million Settlement for Trusted Media Brands Magazine Subscriber Privacy Case

The Problem

We alleged that magazine publisher Trusted Media Brands was disclosing its Michigan magazine subscribers’ identifying information to third-party data companies without notice and consent in violation of Michigan state law.

What We Did

Bursor & Fisher filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of a class of Michigan subscribers to Trusted Media Brands magazines alleging that Trusted Media Brands sold their subscription records, along with other personal, demographic, and lifestyle information, to numerous data miners in violation of the subscribers’ rights under the Michigan Preservation of Personal Privacy Act.  The lawsuit sought monetary damages under the statute on behalf of the consumers.

What Our Clients Got

We negotiated a classwide settlement in which our client received a $5,000 incentive award.  Under the settlement, each eligible class member who submitted a claim received a cash payment of approximately $41.